Explore the Hatteras Lighthouse

Enjoy the Mystery and Romance of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse during Your Outer Banks Getaway

Cape Hatteras lighthouse is one of the most beloved sites along the Outer Banks. Originally built to guide ships through this turbulent part of the sea, today it serves as a reminder of the area’s rich maritime history. It also evokes memories of a simpler time when life moved at a slower pace. If you love vintage buildings and natural beauty, then be sure to visit Cape Hatteras lighthouse during your Outer Banks getaway.

Hatteras Lighthouse, Outer Banks, NC

A Beacon in the Night

In the days before computers and electronics, sailors lived in fear of rocky outcrops that could destroy their ships. The area around Cape Hatteras is especially treacherous for shipping, due to the local geology and weather patterns. That’s why it has the ominous nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” Authorities erected coastal lighthouses to protect ships from this danger.

In 1794, Congress allocated funds to build the original Cape Hatteras lighthouse. That first structure, however, was simply not up to the task. A second, taller version was finished in 1853, but it suffered extensive damage during the Civil War.

At last, in 1870, builders completed the current structure and lit its light for the first time on December 1 of that year. For the next century the Cape Hatteras lighthouse performed its lonely duty admirably, saving countless lives by sending a bright beacon into the dark, windswept nights.
Advancing technology began to replace traditional lighthouses in the first half of the 20th century. Nowadays, ships rely on electronic signals to keep them out of harm’s way. But many of the old lighthouses still stand, with Cape Hatteras lighthouse one of the most splendid examples. Standing 208 feet tall, she’s the world’s tallest brick lighthouse and one of the best preserved. Visitors are welcome to climb the 257 winding steps to the top, where they can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

During your lighthouse visit, you’ll find a nearby visitor center where you can browse the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, tour the lighthouse keeper’s quarters, and purchase books or other mementos at the well-stocked gift store. You’re also free to stroll the grounds, take as many pictures as you like, and enjoy the tranquil sound of the waves cascading against the seashore. Tour guides and park personnel will tell you more about the area’s unique history and answer any questions you may have.

If you like historical landmarks and the majestic romance of the sea, then you’ll love Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Access to the structure’s interior varies by season of the year, so visit the official website or call the park office prior to making your plans. Check the local weather forecast ahead of time and be sure to dress accordingly.

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