12 Fun Outer Banks Activities for the Whole Family

Some vacation destinations are geared primarily towards children. Disneyland is a classic example. Others are intended more for adults; think of Las Vegas. Then there’s the Outer Banks, which offers plenty of fun activities for people of all ages. In this post we look at 12 of the area’s best attractions. We think you’ll agree that any single one is worthwhile all in itself. Together show why a trip to the Outer Banks is an absolute must for families like yours.

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Island Farm

Imagine stepping into a time machine and traveling back to the 19th century. What an adventure that would be! You could see what daily life was like during that bygone era. Sadly, time machines don’t exist, at least not yet. But Island Farm comes pretty close. This living history museum is a faithful recreation of an Outer Banks agricultural community from the mid-1800s. Visit the dairy barn, smokehouse, blacksmith shop, woodshed, and family home. Take a stroll and see cows, sheep, oxen, and chickens grazing peacefully. Explore fascinating historical exhibits and learn more about the past. It’s all waiting for you at Island Farm on Roanoke Island.

Kitty Hawk

What would the modern world be without aviation? The Wright brothers changed the world with their 1903 heavier than air flight along the North Carolina shore. You can visit the site where it all happened during your Outer Banks vacation. Learn more about the fascinating history of air travel while exploring the nearby maritime forest and enjoying the picturesque natural setting. It’s all waiting for you at the Wright brothers site along the Outer Banks.

First Flight Adventure Park

This is a great venue for physically active people. It offers the challenges of an obstacle course in a fun, safe setting that’s great for children and adults alike. Climb ropes, go ziplining, and enjoy a view of the world most people never get to see. You can find out more at this link.

Roanoke Island Aquarium

There’s no need to take scuba diving lessons or charter a seaworthy vessel to see the wonders of our world’s oceans up close. Roanoke Island Aquarium is home to hundreds of fascinating creatures that will capture your attention and stir your sense of wonder. Find out more at the official web site.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

This 426 acre wildlife preserve gives you the chance to explore the highest sand dunes on the East Coast during your Outer Banks getaway. You can hike, picnic, hang glide, take pictures, and enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets (and sunrises) anywhere on earth. The official web site has all the details.

Children at Play Museum

This is a place especially for kids. But it has plenty for adults to enjoy as well. Best of all, the fun is all educational. Visit the museum, explore interactive science exhibits, and learn more about the fascinating natural history of the Outer Banks. This site has all the details.

The Lost Colony

Can you solve one of the greatest mysteries in American history? The Lost Colony will boggle your mind and challenge your detective skills. In 1587, 117 settlers came ashore on Roanoke Island to begin a new life. When supply ships arrived on the island in 1590 they found no trace of the colonists. What happened to them is a a question historians are still trying to answer more than 400 years later. The site is home to The Lost Colony saga, one of the finest examples of live theater anywhere on earth. More than 100 immensely skilled actors re-create the doomed colony before your very eyes. This once-in-a-lifetime experience takes place throughout the summer months. Make it part of your Outer Banks vacation.

Roanoke Island Festival Park

This 25 acre family attraction offers a glimpse into the world of the late 1500s. It includes a re-created Native American village, settlement site, and sailing ship. It also features an adventure museum and other fun activities. This site will tell you more.


This place is all about family fun. You’ll find a mammoth video arcade and one of the best laser tag venues on the East Coast. There’s also a snack bar and lots of other fun activities. Here’s the official website.

Professor Hackers Lost Treasure Golf

Take an authentic mining car to the top of the hill and play miniature golf to your heart’s content. Explore the mystery of Professor Hacker’s ill-fated expedition and enjoy an exciting pirate-themed wonderland. This attraction has everything you could want for a first-class adventure.

Kill Devil Hills Frozen Custard and Beach Fries

Stop by this famous eatery and enjoy some of the tastiest snacks found anywhere. The menu includes scrumptious burgers, tasty sandwiches, and, of course, frozen custard and other cool desserts. You’ll find something here for every member of the family.

Forbes Candies

Here you’ll find something to please even the most devoted sweet tooth in your family! Try their famous taffy or chow down on the best fudge you’ve ever tasted. Forbes Candies also offers unique treats like Salty Paws biscuits and their “oyster and pearls” necklace.

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