Shrimp Season on the Outer Banks

A question Outer Banks vacationers frequently ask us is “What should we eat while we are here?”. There are several wonderful local restaurants that we recommend  for a memorable night out with family and friends.  Another good choice is to pick up some local seafood from one of many outstanding shops on the Outer Banks. When you eat local seafood, not only are you making a more sustainable choice that supports our local fisherman and businesses, but you are enjoying a seasonal meal that is truly unique to the area. There is no better way to have an authentic Outer Banks culinary experience.

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One of the most popular seafood options currently in season in North Carolina is shrimp. Seafood seasons vary on the Outer Banks due to weather and tides, but if you are visiting between now and October, you can expect to find some fresh shrimp around. Most of the local seafood shops will steam your shrimp for you when you pick it up, or you can take it home to cook. For those of you without much experience in seafood preparation, we guarantee it is easier than you think. Although not the most glamorous vacation activity, peeling and deveining shrimp is a great source of family bonding time. Some people even find it therapeutic!

There are plenty of seafood shops around to choose from. In Nags Head, we frequent Austin’s Seafood Company, across from Jockey’s Ridge with the famous shark on the roof. Austin’s has been in business in the same location for over 50 years. Whalebone Seafood Market, also in Nags Head, is a newer retail establishment with deep local roots. They pride themselves on having absolutely nothing but fresh off the NC coast seafood in their shop. To see what else is in season during your visit, check out this NC seafood availability chart.


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