Southern Shores

If you are looking for a flawless yet quiet vacation rental, Southern Shores is the right place for you when vacationing in the Outer Banks. Every town has its own unique aspect which ultimately adds to the overall charm that the Outer Banks has to offer. Southern Shores is no exception, offering you a non-commercialized experience like no other. You will find that most of these towns seem to run effortlessly into each other so traveling between them takes no time at all.

The Outer Banks is like a place out of a story book, seamlessly stitched together with the best of everything and yet none of the downfalls other vacation getaways have. We guarantee no matter which vacation rental you choose, whether it be the quaint beach bum cottage offering sunrises on your front stoop or the traditional multi-room seaside home that backs up right into the dunes; you will be secluded on the Southern Shores.

11425438_493618907458306_5726961459877488022_nThe soft stretch of sand offers you plenty of room to spread out across the Southern Shores. No one wants to be elbow to elbow in other vacationers and the Southern Shores offers you the space to sprawl out and comb the beach.

There is a spectacular sound off of North Dogwood Trail is a popular spot for families with smaller children. If you are worried about the safety of your little ones, lifeguards stand watch through the beach during the summer months. There is plenty of fun water activities to do throughout the day since the beach is a stone’s throw away but straying away from the beach is highly recommended too.

There’s so many wonderful local wonders and historical attractions within a short driving distance from one another, it feels like you never left the Southern Shores. Coastal Provisions is an art studio in the area if you feel like getting a little creative and if you just want to unwind, we have a spa that’s right up your alley. You will find quaint neighborhoods scattered throughout the Southern Shores along with secluded vacation homes because it’s one of least commercialized places in the Outer Banks. If you are seeing solitude, Southern Shores is the place for you! Imagine waking up in the morning with a spectacular sunrise at your front stoop and ending it watching the picturesque sunset on the Currituck Sound.

11163862_470746343078896_4177073512512348987_nThe Southern Shores is the paradise that everyone dreams about without being the over commercialized tourist trap. Any vacation home you choose on the Southern Shores will offer you these remarkable views however, if you are looking for specific things out of your vacation rental, we offer are wide-array of options. From the sound to the ocean to the shores, we’ve got you covered. If you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation home, we can help you find it. You can get everything you want when you visit the Southern Shores. You will be captured by the Southern Shores beauty after your first day and we guarantee you will be back for more!

After you’ve spent the day basking in the sun on the shoreline, the last thing you want to do is cook. Feel free to get lost in the local cuisine of the Southern Shores. There a few gems throughout the area but if you’re looking for me, the Outer Banks has a plethora of restaurants for you to choose from. Food is always in abundance out the Outer Banks, no matter what your taste buds are craving. Outer Banks offers so many varieties of foods and restaurants, it’s possible you couldn’t visit them all in one stay. If you want to cook at your vacation rental, Food Lion is the local grocery store you will find. There is a variety of other small shops throughout town so you can be sure to find everything you need for your vacation.

If you’re looking for a vacation getaway that is secluded and serene, then start planning your dream vacation now with a Southern Shore vacation rental. No matter if you’re coming with numerous people or a small group of family or friends, we have every type of vacation accommodation you might need. Our vacation rentals come in all shape and sizes and offer you privacy like no other. If you have a special request or need special amenities, feel free to let us know beforehand and will make them happen! Don’t want to miss out on the vacation rental home you’ve been watching so book now because these vacation rentals fill up quick. Be sure to check out our available Southern Shores vacation rentals early to guarantee you get the rental you want! Southern Shores is waiting for you so don’t wait too long to get here!


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