Jennette’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier might sound like a simple dock with nice seasonal fishing, but it a full family vacation experience in and of itself. It captures all the best components of the Outer Banks in a wonderful mix of games and activities, aquariums, education, community outreach, and, of course, playing by the beach.

What is Jennette’s Pier? A better question to ask may be what it is not. Below is a guide to this lively cultural icon of the Outer Banks and how you can have some fun here on your next family vacation.

What Can You Find at Jennette’s Pier?

Jennette’s Pier is a concrete fishing pier that extends roughly 1,000 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. It offers some of the best Outer Banks fishing right alongside some of the most popular NC historical sites.

The pier also hosts an aquarium and a gift shop. You can head into the building by the pier to see the ray petting pool. Guests can also utilize the large bath house which is conveniently outfitted with bathrooms and showers. The ability to use facilities during a long beach day and wash the salt and sand off afterward is wonderfully helpful!

Lastly, the pier offers a splendid gift shop, filled with take-home gifts all about Nags Head and the Outer Banks.

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The Programs and the Institution of the Pier

The above features are what you can find at the surface of the pier, but it is a small part of something much larger. Jennette’s Pier is part of a network of four other aquarium locations, including one on Roanoke Island.

The group collectively supports community outreach and education. Field trips are held almost year-round, allowing students to join hands-on adventures creating energy experiments, wind funnels, learning methods for conserving wildlife, and creating long-lasting memories.

Some student programs include Climate Clues, an exploration of greenhouses gases and its effects, and Beach Explorations, where students explore the beachside on the lookout for wildlife. Some programs may even have students participate in rehabilitating wildlife, from stranded turtles to injured birds.

Conservation efforts and community education are major aspects of the DNA of Jennette’s Pier, and you won’t get far without witnessing the extensive reach of their education firsthand.

These programs are great for locals, vacationers and any considering relocation to the area. A stay at any of our long-term Outer Banks beachfront rentals can give you plenty of time to explore these features of the community and other attractions.

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Location and Other Pier Details

Jennette’s Pier is located at 7223 S Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 27959. The pier is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The beach by the pier is public access. Showers and parking are available for all. A donation is suggested for individuals who want to walk the pier or use the bath houses, while there is a modest cost for fishing related to the quantity of entrants and the amount of fishing rods being brought to the pier.

A fishing report on the website discloses whale sightings, current seasonal catches, temperatures, and water conditions. The team can give you details about fishing regulations, hours, seasonal activities, and other facts and updates about Nags Head and the Outer Banks.

The pier is only a small part of the magical and expansive Nags Head area of the Outer Banks. You can find some spectacular the Outer Banks vacation rentals throughout the region that give you impressive views, excellent fishing opportunities, and stellar amenities and features.

Contact our team at (252)-573-2811 for additional information on available rentals and things to do here.

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